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WiFi software Acrylic WiFi Free v2.0 – Real-time WLAN information and network analysis

កម្មវិធី WiFi: Acrylic WiFi V2.0 សម្រាប់តាមដានព័ត៌មានផ្ទាល់ពី WLAN

កម្មវិធី Acrylic WiFi គឺប្រើប្រាស់សម្រាប់ធ្វើការវិភាគនូវចរាចរបណ្តាញ បានឆ្លងកាត់ការផ្លាស់ប្តូជាច្រើន ចាប់តាំងពីជំនាន់ដំបូងរបស់ខ្លួនមកម្លេះ ហើយក្នុង ពេលនេះបានចេញដល់ជំនាន់ទី ២ ហើយ ជាមួយនឹងមុខងារច្រើនជាងមុន ហើយដំណើរការជាមួយនឹង ​Wireless Card។


– Acrylic Free WiFi program incorporates information about the maximum speeds supported by the WiFi access point.
– Fixed install and uninstall issues with NDIS capture driver under x64
– Enhanced NDIS driver to avoid packet loss under heavy network capture with monitor mode.
– Enhanced Wireshark integration for better performance and fixed radiotap header issues
– Fixed compatibility with Windows Vista.
– Added additional Visual studio dependencies.
– Fixed issues when requesting trial licenses for Acrylic WiFi professional.
– New exception handler module to detect Acrylic bugs.
– Execute Acrylic as user: Acrylic can be installed and executed as user, without administrator rights. – Note that without admin privileges monitor mode won’t be available
– Added additional software tooltips.
– Added social network buttons to share information about Acrylic WiFi software with all your friends and followers :).
– Improved graphical interface and usability.
– Acrylic WiFi Free starts with data capture automatically once the program is executed.


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Mr. OU Phannarith is one of the well-known cybersecurity experts in Cambodia and the region. He is the founder of the first leading information security website ( in Cambodia. He has been invited to present in global conferences, forums, and seminars and he was awarded in Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) in 2016 by (ISC)2 and in December 2012 as one of the top 10 Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) in ASEAN by the International Data Group (IDG). Mr. OU has been the Professor specializing in Cybersecurity.

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