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A Gift for the Hackers – Netherlands

ក្រុមហ៊ុន IT ជាច្រើនបរាជ៏យក្នុងការធ្វើឲ្យមានសន្តិសុខចំពោះរាល់ឧបករណ៍ទាំងឡាយដែលភ្ជាប់ទៅកាន់អ៊ីនធឺណែត ដែលបានបើកផ្លូវចំហរទៅឲ្យ hackers។ តាមរបាយការណ័ដ៏គួរឲ្យភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល ខាងក្រោមបានបង្ហាញថា អ្វីៗទាំងអស់គឺអាចភ្ជាប់ពីអ៊ីនធឺណែតបានទាំងអស់។

“Is this your pin? Is this a letter you received from your bank? Do you have a HP e-Print scanner?” The young man answers yes to every question, stunned that all of his information was accessible on the internet for anyone who wanted to see it. And he’s not alone: the wealth of information available is staggering. From shop owners whose security cameras can be watched and controlled remotely, to medical records and confidential documents for international companies like Unilever, Orange and KLM, it’s a bonanza for any would-be hackers. While it would be simple for the IT firms who provide printers, scanners and software to make the system more secure, they don’t see it as their problem and argue that attending to basic safety protocols is a bit of a marketing nightmare. “There are people who know all about how this works, security-wise, but it’s too much trouble to explain all that.” One company went so far as to call consumers who didn’t know they had to change their passwords “idiots”. As the rate of technological change continues at a frightening pace, do technology companies have a duty to prevent our privacy being eroded?

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Mr. OU Phannarith is one of the well-known cybersecurity experts in Cambodia and the region. He is the founder of the first leading information security website ( in Cambodia. He has been invited to present in global conferences, forums, and seminars and he was awarded in Information Security Leadership Achievements (ISLA) in 2016 by (ISC)2 and in December 2012 as one of the top 10 Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) in ASEAN by the International Data Group (IDG). Mr. OU has been the Professor specializing in Cybersecurity.

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