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Manager, CMS&Switching Administration, and Technical Support

Sathapana Bank is a big commercial bank providing full retail banking as well as corporate banking services throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. Currently, the bank has 171 branch networks with 150 plus ATMs and over 4,000 full-time staff operating in all 25 provinces and city.

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  • Manage current switching system as well as the integrated system, Cambodia Shared Switch
  • Setup, maintenance any required system environment SIT, UAT, PRE-PROD
  • Review the system is updated as per the changes released by the card schemes
  • Ensure the backup environment (DR) and the production environment (DC) having the same configuration, setting, parameterizing and real-time synchronization
  • Manage in switching over-exercise between DC and DR at least twice a year
  • Maintain and keep the Edit Package system as well as Visa Testing System (VTS) up-to-date
  • Ensure the acquiring BIN table is up to date as per released by the card scheme companies like Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay, and JCB
  • Conduct on Card Management System (CMS), ensure the users and roles are well managed and performed user access review every three months
  • Ensure credit card statements are generated and sent to the cardholders on time
  • Manage system logs and keep in a safe location for internal/external purpose
  • Facilitate in new card scheme projects implementation (MasterCard, Union Pay, JCB … etc.) and any other third-party integration project
  • Initiate new technology functionalities on top of the current existing functionalities on the ATM machines and POS terminals to ensure that Sathapana bank is a leading technology bank
  • Provide second-level support to the call center or the business team
  • Perform troubleshooting as required such as efforts to lead problem-solving by involving outside vendors and other support users
  • Ensure PCI compliance as well as internal and external audit
  • Other tasks assigned by the line manager


  • Bachelor/ Master’s degree in Information Technology, Information Security, Cybersecurity, and other related degrees
  • At least 4 years of working experience related to the Card Management System and Switching System and system projects implementation
  • Knowledge and experience in database management, Ms. SQL Server and Oracle
  • Strong knowledge in programming languages, Vb.NET, Java, C#, PHP
  • Be proactive and good teamwork and customer service orientation skill
  • Good at English and Microsoft Office (Words, Excel and PowerPoint)

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How To Apply
Interested candidates are encouraged to apply via

For more information, please contact us at 023/ 081 999 010/ 096 257 9666 or go to

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